It’s that most magical time of the year where we all freak ourselves out trying to buy our loved ones the ideal gift that will cause them to marvel at our thoughtfulness and ingenuity before we eventually throw up our hands in despair and just get everyone gift cards.

No? Just us?

Well, this year, fret no more. We’ve put together a gift-giving guide for the beer fiend in your life. As an added bonus, you can get all this stuff right here in town, so you’ll be shopping local, which will for sure put you on Santa’s Good List.

Without further ado, we present Perfect Presents For The Beer Lover In Your Life Who You Totally Want To Impress So Hard.

Hardware Hank: For the budding homebrewer you love, Hardware Hank has a ton of essentials. In fact, the back of the store is home to “Hank’s Brew Room,” which has everything your brewer could ever need to get and stay rolling in the beer-making process. Whether it’s beer kits or hops and barley, Hank’s got it all.

Spices from The Market in Rapid City, South DakotaThe Market:¬†Whether you want fresh, organic produce to accompany a meal you’ll be pairing with your favorite beer or you’re looking for spices to add to your next batch of home-brewed beer, The Market in Tuscany Square’s got you covered. We used their pink peppercorns in a recent beer we served at the Mountain West Beer Fest, and it was pretty epic.

Mitzi’s Books: We’re pretty lucky to have an actual independent bookstore in the area, and Mitzi’s won’t disappoint when it comes to the ideal tome for your beer nerd.

Someone’s in the Kitchen: If you’ve never wandered into Someone’s in the Kitchen, beware. You will likely find kitchen gadgets that will have you yelling “shut up and take my money!” But they also have a killer assortment of beer- and adult-beverage related gifts that will make your loved ones ooo and ahh.



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