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Lost Cabin is dedicated to giving back to the communities we all love and live in. Through donations, collaborations, philanthropy, and volunteer work, we hope to improve the communities where our beer is enjoyed and leave the world a better place than we found it. Whether it’s donating gear, offering up our venue, writing a check, or volunteering with your organization, Lost Cabin is excited to help out where we can and return some of the love we’ve been shown. Scroll down to find out more, and get your charity involved!


Preservation, Stewardship, Education


Health, Housing, Families


Performances, Culture, Literacy


Applications must be received at least 30 days before the event. Applications received within 30 days will be automatically omitted. We want our brand and your cause to be represented as best we can, and proper planning takes time. Thank you for understanding.

We didn’t forget about you! It might take us two weeks to get back to you (we’re just very busy people). If you haven’t heard back from us in two weeks, feel free to give us a call 605-718-5678, or shoot us an email at info@lostcabin.beer.

We like water polo as much as the next guy, but to stick true to our core values, Lost Cabin is currently not donating to any of the following causes:

*Anyone without 501(c)(3) status


*Religious or political groups and organizations

*K-12 Schools

*Sporting teams

*Organizations who exist outside of our beer distribution footprint

We feel that. Any other questions you have will be answered through info@lostcabin.beer or on the phone at 605-718-5678.