Tom Silbernagel

Co-Founder / Head Brewer

Our Co-Founder and Head Brewer is no stranger to the brew kettle and has the beard to prove it. As the malt master and yeast wrangler of Lost Cabin, Tom is always coming up with new beers for your drinking pleasure. Born and raised in Rapid City, he got into Craft Beer while traveling the nation at his previous career in aerial mapping. He started homebrewing some of our flagship beers back when you’d be lucky to find an IPA on the local shelves. When he’s not minding the mash tun, he also manages our equipment, ingredients and construction needs. If you’ve spent any time in our taproom, you’ve probably met his whole family, and on the rare occasion he isn’t at LC; Tom can be found somewhere outdoors with his wife Steph (our sales & events manager) and their two kids. Avid hunter, fisherman, gardener, and outdoorsman, you can find him with a glass of whatever says "NEW" on the chalkboard.

Jesse Scheitler

Co-Founder / CEO

Co-Founder Jesse Scheitler can typically be found buried in his laptop as our resident art director, IT nerd, Certified Cicerone and social media dude. In his words he also spends a lot of time on “boring business sh*t that nobody wants to hear about.”, or as we call it: Suit stuff. He moved to the Black Hills from a small Iowa town in 2004. While playing in metal bands, working in bars and exploring a passion for homebrewing, he fell in love with the craft beer culture of freedom and creativity. After a few years of homebrewing together, the dream of starting a brewery became a reality for him and Tom in 2016. Between writing business plans and talking beer, Jesse jams his record collection and spends family time with his wife, Adrienne and their kids. Live music, culinary arts, and exploring the Hills on bike, snowboard or foot is how he stays sane and if it isn’t a hopped up IPA in hand, you can usually find him sipping on Scotch.

Steph Silbernagel

Sales & Events Manager

Steph has been with Lost Cabin since the first batch of homebrew boiled over on her and Tom’s kitchen counter. From patio tasting panels to production facilities, Steph has been part of it all. As a veteran bartender, it was an easy transition to be one of the first people sliding beers across the bar. Eventually she took to planning the events that we have become known for - From Caroling to dog calendars, and most recently the Brewer’s Box - Steph keeps the party rockin’. She’s also our direct contact to all the badasses pouring Lost Cabin throughout the Hills. When she’s not scheming a new event, she serves as our in-house meteorologist, raises two kids (and sometimes her husband Tom), hunts for bargains at auction and makes time to stop and feed the squirrels. If you need your palm read, a party idea or a night out that could lead just about anywhere, give Steph a call.

Adrienne Scheitler Lost Cabin Beer Co. co-owner beertender

Adrienne Scheitler


Adrienne has been a staple in the taproom since day one. Responsible for introducing the team that would eventually become Lost Cabin, buying Jesse his first homebrew kit and curating the rotating art gallery on our walls and chalkboards, Adrienne has helped Lost Cabin go from a joke between friends to a fully operational brewery. She also owns and operates her own salon, is a mother of three, and somehow manages to keep her husband in line (a serious feat). When she isn’t pouring beers, chatting with regulars or making people look like models, she can be found caring for her massive plant collection, shredding the slopes on her snowboard, traveling with her family or heading to the next concert. If you catch her in the wild, chances are she has a sour beer or tequila cocktail in hand.

Casey Kraulik Lost Cabin Beer Co. Brewer


Production Manager

Casey was the first official employee of Lost Cabin and is known by many names: Punisher, Jucina, Berry Schmuckerberg and a few others that we really shouldn’t put on the internet. He’s taught school, worked in the oil fields and served a beer or two in his day. Now he spends his days minding the mash, scouring for the best ingredients and planning the brew schedule. When he’s not playing with beer, you can find him hiking the Hills, woodworking in his shop, or traveling the country in search of the tastiest riffs that live music has to offer. We are willing to bet he has seen Pearl Jam more times than you and when he isn’t belting out Vedder ballads, you can find him cuddling his pups - a lazy basset hound named Stella and Mastiff/Pit mix ‘LC’. Fun fact: His homebrewed brown ale gets better every time and kung-fu is officially his fighting style.


Office Manager

As Office Manager, Becky Sanderson — aka "HR", “Beckles” or "REbecky" — is the machine that keeps Lost Cabin sailing smoothly long as it's not on a Friday - I mean, there’s camping to be done, friend. She juggles Excel, QuickBooks, billing, shipping, corporate filing, makes sure we are still a business, ensures that we all get paid, and does whatever else we don’t know how to do. When she isn’t shuffling papers and putting cover pages on TPS reports, Becky is kayaking, reading, losing to one of her kids in cribbage, hanging with her hubby, or cuddling her dog Oscar. She’s also a true crime/Star Wars/LOTR fiend, and like most of our crew, she kicks up some dust every time a good bluegrass tune comesd on.

Lisa Rowcliffe Beertender Lost Cabin



Lisa — sometimes known as “Tuesday Night Lisa” or just “Nelson" (her wrestling moves are on point) — is part owner and many of our regulars’ favorite beertender. In addition to speaking sign language, pouring the perfect pint and keeping the F in Fun Beer Friday (it’s true), she’s also a yoga instructor, avid paddle boarder, hiker, camper, and mother of 3 (plus her dog Hudson). Lisa enjoys travelling the country to places where no one knows her name so she can cut loose and dance to Lana Del Rey. When she isn’t getting her groove on, Lisa is working on her house to make it the cutest abode on the block


Assistant TO the Regional Brewer

“Boring” is not a word that comes to mind when thinking of Cyril, or “Shadowboxer” as he is known in the brewery. He does plenty of normal things like ripping trails on his bike, shredding gnar on the slopes, smoking the dankest meats & cheeses, or boogying down at music festivals, but he will probably do it wearing a costume from his vast collection (space cowboy, t-rex onesie, Ric Flair etc.) When he isn’t coming up with beer names and recipes, or making sure every drop of liquid makes its way into a can in perfect shape, Cyril is reading Hunter S., tending his garden, cuddling his 2 dogs and cat, or composing the next didgeridoo solo for his band “The Butt Flutes”. Don’t let his calm, quiet demeanor fool you. You might wake up married to a stranger with a questionable tattoo in a foreign land, but you probably had fun. You’ve been warned.


Taproom Manager

Ryan splits his time between beertending, website maintenance, the joys of inventory management, and being the officially unofficial Lost Cabin union rep. He has a degree in Outdoor Education, has worked previously for the Audubon Society and a vineyard in Oregon (by the way, he doesn't want any Merlot). His extra curricular activities are rather eclectic, including hiking with his lady friend, Molly, and dogs Finn and Kylo, wearing out record needles, home brewing, cross stitching (no, seriously, the man lays a mean stitch), and biking the Hills. He's a Barley Wine enthusiast and has some serious beer knowledge if you ever need to nerd out about polyphenols.

Megan Sarrat Lost Cabin Beer Co. beertender


Taproom Manager

Megan, or “Megatron” if you’re in the know, occupies her time making schedules, tracking sales, slingin' beers, training beertenders, and laying down the law when it comes to SOP’s. When she isn’t helping run the taproom, she's either in the kitchen or off the grid, sitting on a beach in New Zealand. From making botanical concoctions, baking the best bread this side of the Rockies, traveling the world with her husband, talking to plants, or cuddling her mutt Hazel, Megan does it all. She is also one of the remaining members of the old guard of “nu metal” fans, but she gets down to indie folk rock as well. Don’t get her on a Lord Huron kick because it won’t stop.


Assistant Brewer

With a few years of brewing under her belt, Hanje is not only an assistant brewer here at Lost Cabin, she is also a picnic/bubble bath/embroidery aficionado. When she isn’t working on brewing equipment, she’s crushing on Macaulay Culkin, collecting bones (hopefully not human, but we haven’t asked yet), rocking the newest fanny packs, or appreciating geometric art. Hanje is a hard pass on long walks on the beach, and you can skip the flowers, because she doesn’t find them romantic. Catch her hiking with her dog Caulker or find her in the taproom enjoying a SoDank. She would also love to tell you about her favorite Guy Fieri recipe, or talk about the cinematic intricacies of Rambo - just ask.


Assistant Brewer / Jim of All Trades

Jim aka “Jimothy”, “Jimmy, the boy from Pringle-town”, or just “James” when he’s feeling classy is a man of many talents. A handyman by trade, and an employee by force, Jim is one of our go-to guys for fixing that leaky faucet, redoing our floors, and anything else we don’t know how (or don’t want) to do. When he isn’t fixing everything we break, he stays busy chasing after his two sons. Few things are known about this mysterious man, but we do know that his chin can grow more hair than his head, his go-to karaoke song is Night Moves, and he absolutely loves cheeseburgers more than anyone we’ve ever met.


Assistant Brewer / Beertender

Grant splits his time between the back of house and front of house either scrubbing tanks and kegs or serving up tasty brews in our taproom. He likes his IPA’s like he likes his metal. Black. Grant is an avid fan of extreme underground music including grindcore, death, black, and doom metal, he even writes his own shreddy riffs and has performed locally in one of his many bands over the years. When he isn’t caressing his fretboard, Grant is studying environmental science and controlled environment agriculture at WDT, or hanging out with his Parson Terrier named Wrex.



Logan aka Hulk Logan aka Kenny Logans has hands down, the best mullet of anyone on our staff. When he isn’t tending to his luscious locks or serving tasty brews to you and yours, he can be found in his natural habitat either spinning records, building computers, playing video games, or dominating unsuspecting victims with his Magic the Gathering decks. Old horror/thriller movies often fill his TV screen while he hangs out with his wife and cat.


Microscope Magnate

Amy “Stone Cold” is Lost Cabin’s mad scientist, and that’s the bottom line. She has a serious grip on lab work, with a degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and she previously worked in quality control at Columbus Brewing and Lazy Magnolia before joining Lost Cabin. On the rare occasion that Amy isn’t counting yeast cells or measuring dissolved oxygen, you might find her walking shelter dogs or playing with her Pit Bull, Ellie. Her Spotify playlist is littered with true crime podcasts, and in her spare time, she’s all about skiing, biking, or hiking. Word to the wise: As a native Vermonter, she will absolutely judge you if you’re eating fake maple syrup. If you find yourself in that situation, change the subject to something she enjoys, like weather patterns, road trips, or potatoes. Steer clear of conversations about buoys, they seem to be the only thing that Stone Cold is inexplicably afraid of.