Lost Cabin Beer Co.
1401 W. Omaha St.
Rapid City, SD 57701


Save yourself some keystrokes and check out our most commonly asked questions:

Our food trucks rotate frequently. You can find our truck lineup… wait for it… still building suspense… on this button right… here. Food truck or not, you are always welcome to bring in your own food or have something delivered. 

Short answer: Lost Cabin beers.

Tha tap list changes frequently, you can see the current lineup here along with upcoming events, can releases and other LC antics.

We would love to ship you our beer, but the powers that be in South Dakota won’t allow it. Write your Senators about the beer shipping utopia you’ve been dreaming of. 

Please visit our GIVING BACK page for all the details on donations and CLICK HERE to submit a request.

We’re flattered, truly! It would be a pleasure to party with you. You can click HERE and fill out an application to join our crew of misfits, scallywags, and all around weirdos.

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