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Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Sunday Gulch Saison

ABV:6.5% IBU:24

Prickly Pear Saison

ABV:5% IBU:24

Little Turtle Creek

ABV:5% IBU:24

Bog Stomper

Whether you’re ankle deep in a bog, or at Thanksgiving dinner, this beer won’t...

Liar’s Chair

ABV:5.6% IBU:40 Malts:Two Row, Munich, Flaked Wheat Hops:Warrior, Callista Yeast:French Saison

Lemongrass Saison

ABV:6% IBU:25

Jerry the Pigeon

9 months in white wine barrels does a beer well. This saison starts flexing...

Turtle Creek Saison

Saison means “season” in French, but we’re Americans that don’t speak French, and think...

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